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Welcome to 2Tier Travel club 

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Dubai City View


2Tier Travel was founded to reduce the cost of travel for our members!

Savings up to 50% on hotel bookings

Our members frequently travel for both business and leisure, who like us look to contain their business travel budget so they can enjoy 5* when it comes to their leisure travel.

Our approach is about simplicity. A staight forward search engine where we continually look to bring the best available prices on hotels in particular. While we may not always be cheaper, over 90% of the time, our clients save hundreds in travel costs over their year's membership.  


BTW we are always looking to partner with businesses and communities

for whom travel places a role in their success 

Traveling with Handbag

Marc, Germany

"I myself am going to Dubai March 13 to March 17. I just booked a hotel through our app and the difference between Booking and Our portal was 50%

I am shocked :)"

Andrea, UK

"Just saved over £600 on my honeymoon hotel. Absolutely chuffed as we were able to upgrade to the private villa with the pool."

julian, UK

“I saved over £100 on a single night stay in the 4* hotel, in the West end, on my recent overnight business trip to London. ling on business”
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